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Zanzibar Honeymoon: The idyllic Romantic Gateway with Your Loved One

  • September 12, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Zanzibar Beach Honeymoon

In life, it’s not where you go rather it’s all about who you travel with

Marriage is a lifetime ceremony, and the honeymoon is the beginning ceremony. While planning for honeymoon every couple looks for spending some blissful time in a tranquil environment away from the hustling –bustling busy life.

What about spending a few times in an exquisite paradise? Are you dreaming about those perfect beaches with crystal blue water, white powdery beaches, and perfect blue skies that you have only seen in a movie? Well, Zanzibar Beach holiday is a perfect beach destination for your romantic holiday.


Walk hand-in-Hand amidst the Historic Stone Town City


Stone Town

Mij Mkongwe which means “old town” in Swahili, which is the oldest part of Zanzibar named “Stone Town” later by UNESCO in the year 2000. Don’t miss out on this cordial city of the African continent that is filled with many surprising elements. Just hold your love’s hand and explore a few iconic points of the city like;

  • Forodhani Gardens
  • The Arab Fort
  • Darajani Bazaar
  • The Old Dispensary
  • Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church
  • Malindi Mosque


Prison Island – An Escape into Nature


Prison Island zanzibar

The prison island, which is now owned by a hotel once upon was a furious place of Zanzibar. Built-in 1893 the island was built to captivate the violent prisoners from the mainland and sick people. Now, this is one of the highlighted destinations of Zanzibar Tours which contains a large colony of giant tortoise weighing up to 200 kg. The tortoises were imported from Seychelles in the 19th century. 


Soak into the Serenity of Lovely Beach of Zanzibar


Zanzibar Beach Holidays

See the world- see the ocean; it’s more fantastic than any dream. When talking about dreams what can be more beautiful that the fairytale land Zanzibar. Choosing this spectacular island as your honeymoon destination would never feel you regretting, each step the island has to offer something stunning.   The crashing waves, the feel of sand in your feet, and the slow ocean breeze will just add that extra romantic sense to your honeymoon mood. You can try swimming in the turquoise blue water.


Explore the Marine Life


Marine Life in Zanzibar

The sun transforms the ocean water into a vision of stained-glass art while you go inside the deep blue turquoise water of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is just not a place of beautiful beaches but also Zanzibar Beach holidays take you to the world of discovering the underwater treasures. Having some breath-taking coral reefs of the under-water world, Zanzibar beaches are perfect to take a dive-down as well as the prime attractions is the dolphins that are found in some of the beaches of Zanzibar.  If you both are in love with the adventure you can try swimming and snorkeling in Zanzibar in the following beach;

  • Kizimkazi Beach
  • Menai Bay
  • Nungwi and Matemwe


Watch the Amazing Sunset by Sailing with Your Love in the Calm Ocean


Amazing Sunset at Zanzibar

If you both are nature lover then there can’t be a better way to connect with nature than floating on the tranquil blue water of the Indian Ocean and watching the golden sunset. The sunset in Zanzibar water just gives feel like the golden sun is just climbing-down the back of water. You can sail on a traditional Zanzibar dhow with your partner and watch the mesmerizing sunset.   Make your Zanzibar honeymoon’s sunsets the most romantic moments of your life.


Take a Spice Tour


Spice Tour in Zanzibar

Once upon a time the hub of spices, Zanzibar was quite famous worldwide for its spices like Turmeric, Paprika, Cumin, Saffron, and Cardamom. Though the spice harvest has been decreased now, many farmers are growing these iconic spices till now. Don’t miss to take a spice tour while your Zanzibar honeymoon trip in the country.


Enjoy the Staying in the Luxurious Resorts & Lodges


Zanzibar Tours

Zanzibar Island is not only for exploring the crystal water, sandy beaches, and adventure; Zanzibar Beach holidays showcase a few of the world-class resorts and lodges. As most of the honeymooners curiously look for accommodating in privacy and luxury Zanzibar is the best island to meet your expectations. There are many luxurious resorts accommodation available with the warmest staff and up-to the mark service.  


Give Your Taste Buds a New Taste of Zanzibar


 Zanzibar See Food

Traveling is incomplete without tasting the authentic food, as food carries the real color of a country’s culture. While visiting Zanzibar, don’t forget to give your taste buds the test of fresh sea-food cooked with aromatic spices. You can explore some good restaurant, as well as there, are many street foods available that comes in must test list like; Urojo Soup, Mshikaki, Chipsi Mayai, Nyama Choma, Zanzibar Pizza, Roving Coconuts, and few more.


A Honeymoon Destination that Welcomes throughout the Year


Zanzibar destination is best for planning a honeymoon trip throughout the year. If you come on the dry season that is from late June to October that is the cool and dry time as well as December to February when it’s hot and dry. If you are planning your Zanzibar Beach Holidays during these 2 seasons you can explore many water activities as well as the wet season from March to may offer a unique opportunity to discover some of the world-class luxury hotels with high discounts.

 Planning for marriage and honeymoon always go side by side; we suggest planning for Zanzibar Beach Holidays and Zanzibar honeymoon at once. It will defiantly bring you the best memories to cheer up for the rest of your life. If you are looking for to pay small checks and collect big memories connect with us @ 

Did you come to Zanzibar for your holiday or honeymoon trip? We would love to receive your comments regarding your memories.

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