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Take a Life-time Experience in Tanzania with Serengeti Balloon Safari

  • September 6, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Serengeti Balloon Safari

“You can always make money…but you can’t always make a memory.”

What can be a better way to treasure a life-long memory other than having the combination of Safari+ Tanzania+ Hot air balloon ride?

Seeking adventure, luxury, and uniqueness for your next vacation? The best corner of the world that will avail you all the 3 things all together in Tanzania. Being the prime tourist destination of Africa, holding 16 national parks; Tanzania Safari can take you the land of magic where you will witness a few stunning natural wonders as well as can experience activities that you have been dreaming about.

Between all the activities the most appreciated one is a Serengeti balloon Safari, which has been experienced by many famous personalities. Serengeti is located in the Northern Circuit in Tanzania and is a top Tanzania Safari Destination as it’s the most preferred by the safari lovers.


The Best Time to Book Your Tour

dry season for Hot air balloon Safari

 If you are wondering when to book your Hot air balloon safari to Serengeti, then we would say the park offers all-year-round hot air ballooning over the plains. However, the best preferred season is the dry season which is from June to October. The dry season is considered as the ideal season due to the explicit animal visibility, clearer sky, and the awesome highlight of the national park; the wildebeest migration.

Why Not a Rainy Season; 

As it’s the time when the heavy rainfall and windy, unclear sky makes it complicated to fly. Sometimes if the weather is not clear, the booking may get canceled.    

Witness the Magical Sunrise in Serengeti 


Magical Sunrise in Serengeti

When did you witness the sunrise in calmness and a natural surrounding? Sunrises in Tanzania are the most bewitching thing to watch. When you will go for a Serengeti balloon Safari you will get the chance of witnessing the golden sun rising above from the plains of Serengeti.

At 5 am you will be picked up from your hotel and drove to the starting point of your balloon safari near Maasai Kopjes. After meeting and greeting with a hot air balloon pilot and getting a brief about your ballooning safari, you will get started with your journey. It will give you a feeling as you are rising above the Serengeti plains with the sun and here starts your journey of memories, excitements, and adventure.


Capture the Stunning Serengeti from 1000 ft High


Serengeti National Park

Flowing on the tree-top height or sometimes floating lower to that you will get a perfect birds-eye view of the never-ending Serengeti plains. You can witness a magical view of Serengeti’s plain floating over the rolling savannahs, grasslands, lush forest, and vast game drive above 1000 ft. At times the tree-top heights or below that can bring you a great opportunity to capture some stunning pictures from above.


Role of Crew & Pilot


Crew & Pilot of Hot Air Balloon Serengeti

This magical journey of Hot Air Balloon Serengeti isn’t very easy or only handled by a pilot. To make this journey successful there are always several dedicated crew people work to assemble, inflate, chase, and pack up the balloon.

Ground Crew Operations include;

  • Once the balloon has enough air they inflame the balloon
  • The ground crew member holds the basket attached to the ground crew vehicle until the balloon is ready to fly
  • At the time of landing, the ground crew make sure the balloon lands safely without getting a tear

The Pilot’s Responsibility:

  • Once the ground crew has done their work the pilot fires a steady flame and upon heating the balloon lifts
  • The pilot manages the height of the flight
  • Upon landing he connects to the ground crew and co-ordinates with them for a safe landing


Safety Measure


Safety in Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari

Sometimes people get scared thinking about flying with just support of helium gas, burnet, and a balloon flight operator. However, it’s very rare when a hot air balloon meets with an accident. With some safety precautions, you can fly high without fear.

Safety Belts: There are few companies though use but we highly recommend the use of safety belt. These are usually used while landing as the landing can be a little bumpy.

Experienced Staff: Experienced ground staff and pilot are the vital part of a safe hot air ballooning as they are the people behind the fly. Mostly accident happens due to pilot errors and if you are with an experienced one you don’t need to afraid.

Age Limit: The minimum age limit is 7 years, less than that age group shouldn’t take the ride of a hot air balloon. However, the maximum age has no limit to enjoy a ride.


Equipment (How Hot Air Balloons are Built)


Hot Air Balloons Equipment

A hot air balloon is quite an interesting way to take a tour of a place and Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari is one of the iconic attractions. Ever wonder what are the equipment used in a hot air balloon? Well, it’s a nonporous envelope of thin material filled with helium gas to lift to almost 1000ft above the land.

Envelope: Envelopes can be a heavy or light fabric that balances their load with load tapes or cords. These are usually woven from 2 kinds of materials one is nylon and the other one is Polyester.

Basket: The baskets used in hot air balloons are woven with rattan and willow together and the floor is usually made of ply. The stainless steel wires attach the basket to the burner frame.

Burner: A hot air balloon burner is a propane burner having 2 or more fuel tank and these fuel tanks connect the burner with a permanent house coupling.


What to Pack?


What to Pack for Serengeti balloon Safari

While planning for a Serengeti balloon Safari you need to pack followings:

  • A thin jacket or sweater: Make sure it is easily removable as the morning can be cold but after a few times the radiant heat from the burners and the strong sun can make you feel uncomfortable.
  • A hat: To protect yourself from the heat of burner just above your head and the sun-rays it’s advisable to bring a hat.
  • Clothing: It’s advisable to wear long trousers with full sleeve shirt with stout shoes.
  • The Essential: A camera and a binocular is must while going on a Serengeti balloon Safari as it helps you to spot the animals from a decent height as well as to capture some of the stunning pictures of Serengeti plains from above.


Celebration on Landing


Celebration after Serengeti balloon Safari ride

After having a successful ride and landing it’s a kind of tradition to celebrate this journey. Upon your landing, you will be welcome with champagne to celebrate the successful journey. After toasting the champagne you can enjoy a full course of delicious English breakfast in a beautiful setting.

If you are planning for a Tanzania Safari Tours in your next vacation we would highly suggest you go for a Serengeti balloon Safari and take home with you some lifetime memories to celebrate. It’s worth giving a try; just visit us @ https://bestnorthernsafaris.com/  for the detailed information about how to plan a perfect hot air balloon Safari.

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