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Stay Secure & Enjoy!!! Follow These 8 Simple Steps In Your Tanzania Safari Tours

  • October 29, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Tanzania Safari

Karibu Ili Tanzania!!! It means “Welcome To Tanzania” written in Swahili the official language of this nation. The pleasing east African safari destination Tanzania is home to the oldest ecosystem of the earth. It is the place where you can see the beautiful bonding of humans and wildlife.


Tanzania was 1st discovered by Vasco Da Gama during 1498. He spent 32 days in this country and was surprised to see the fertility and glory of the land. Then in 1505, he occupied Zanzibar, a beautiful archipelago of Tanzania.


Here we can see that the world’s number one voyage was stunned after visiting this place. So, can you imagine, how awe-inspiring will be the Tanzania Safari Tours?


This nation offers lots of activities to make your trip memorable. Such as trekking over the highest free-standing mountain of the world and stargazing over 600 meters. Game drive and canoeing safari at the national parks of Tanzania. Also, you can explore the history of the earth at Laetoli and see the active volcano of Olduvai George.


But after all, you have to follow some safety precautions to be safe and secure. Here below you can find the 8 vital safety precaution for Tanzania Safari:


1. Remain Inside The Safari Vehicle


Tanzania Safari


Firstly you shouldn’t go out of the car while visiting Tanzania Destinations. It is so because you will be wandering inside the wilderness of the jungle. So, there may be chances that some unknown wildlife can harm you. Also, the time of safari is very important as you have to cover a large area of the park in lesser time. Therefore if you come out of your car during the safari then everything will be delayed.


2. Feeding Animals Is Prohibited


Tanzania Safari


Be in a safari or visit a zoo “Feeding Animal Is Prohibited” is the 1st instruction you will see. There are various reasons for it. In Tanzania Destinations feeding animals can discourage them. Also, there are chances that it will decrease their ability to searching for food inside the jungle. As a result, human fear inside them will decrease. Wild animals are not acquainted with human foods, so it can cause health problems to them.


3. Don’t Tease Or Scream At Any Animals


Tanzania Safari


You must respect every animal during Tanzania Safari. Also, you shouldn’t tease or scream on them because they get aggressive due to these activities. Therefore there are higher chances of an animal attack in your car or may run away. At the time of Safari, animals will be inside their natural habitat so your noise can disturb the natural balance.


4. Watch The Animals From A Fixed Distance


Tanzania Safari


Scholars said that there is a thin distance between smartness and stupidity. So if you are in between the jungle surrounded by the wild animals then the best thing is that be stupid. Because it’s not only about the predators that can cause harm but also the prey can attack. Also, the wildlife doesn’t want disturbance between them so better remain in your allotted area during Tanzania Safari Tours.


5. Carrying Beverages Is Not Allowed


Tanzania Safari


You can carry some snacks and light food, food and soft drinks with you during the safari. But don’t carry heavy food as it causes much pollution during the safari. Also, there are chances that you will be provided with a lunch box by the safari operators like “Best Northern Safaris” so nothing to worry about the food.


6. Obey Your Guides Instructions


Tanzania Safari


Guides are the person with better knowledge of the jungle. They know where to see the predator, as well as where to see the sparse of animals. They also instruct about the safety measures that you should maintain during the safari. If you want to explore the jungle more closely than you should always listen to your guide’s instructions at Tanzania Safari.


7. Avoid Driving At Night


Tanzania Safari


The night is the time when predators are pro-active, also the maximum of the wildlife of the jungle used to eat during this time. Also, some animals take rest during the night. The safari vehicle also creates some sound and big flash which disturb the wildlife.  Therefore it is strictly prohibited that don’t go out for a drive at night. 


8. Take Some Health Precautions


Tanzania Safari


As you know that you cannot be sure about your health condition because it can change any time because of anything. So during the safari, it is being said to carry some common medicines related to vomiting and allergy so that you can continue your journey without any problem.


We hope that you will enjoy Tanzania Safari safely and securely with these 8 steps. Let’s memorize the rules again:


  • Don’t come out of the car.
  • Don’t feed animals 
  • Respect the animals 
  • Carrying beverages is not allowed.  
  • Maintain Distance. 
  • Obey the Guide. 
  • Take some health precautions. 
  • Avoid driving at night


We always care for you. The Best Northern Safaris is one of the best Tanzania Safari Tours operators. With us, you will be in safe hand and move through the safari with ease. Know more about us from here @


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