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Meet the Fastest & Friendly Big Cat Of Tanzania – “CHEETAH”

  • November 8, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is the home to over 450 wildlife species and 1000 species of birds. Here you can encounter the big 5, small 5 and rare animals. But beyond everything, these jungles are also home to the world’s fastest runner “Cheetah”. But the best thing about these big cats they are one of the friendly predators to humans. Till date, there is no record that a cheetah made human as prey.

Cheetah is the 3rd big cat that can be encountered in the Tanzania National Parks. If it is observed from a far distance then there will be confusion between Leopard, cheetah and Jaguar. It is so because they are having a similar pattern. But what differs these three species is the body pattern. Generally, cheetah is having solid black spots. Total weight of cheetah is 28 Kg to 65 Kg. Their body has been designed in such a way that they can run with a speed of 60 Km/hr. to 100 Km/hr.

Isn’t Cheetah seems to be interesting?

Yes, so here are some more details that you would love to know about cheetah:

Do Cheetahs Attack Humans?

If answered directly then generally big cats attack humans, but the cheetah is something different from others. Though it is the fastest animal in the world, until now there is no case recorded that cheetah attacks humans. Cheetah is one of the carnivores that depend maximum on small and big Antelopes. Cheetah is a shy natured as well as one of the most expensive and elusive pets in the world. National Parks in Tanzania are the best place to spot these species live.

How Cheetahs Can Be Spotted?

Tanzania Safari

Generally, you would have heard that big cats use to hunt at night but the case of the cheetah is the opposite. You can spot a cheetah during day time so it will be more beneficial for you. They have black oval spots on their body which differs them from leopards. Also, you can see the black tear line in their faces. Cheetahs can be easily spotted in the grassy plains as well as they are one of the social wild animals. 

Can They Interact Safely With Humans?

Tanzania Safari

Cheetah is considered as one of the pet animals, which signifies it is quite safer to interact with them. But there should be some limitation that to be maintained before going near them. It will be better having an expert guide who can interact with the cheetah in live action during Tanzania Safari.

What Makes This “Big Cat” Big?

Big Cats like lion and leopard are known as bigger because of their size. Whereas, Tanzania Cheetah comes under the category of the African Big Cats because of their ability. Cheetah is having a bit smaller body than others but their body structure is a bit different. Their circulatory and respiratory systems are a bit larger. This makes it easy to inhale oxygen and run faster.

Where Cheetah Can Be Spotted In Tanzania?

Generally, the cheetah’s can be spotted behind the bushes under the trees. Maximum Tanzania Cheetah is a bit notorious, so they will come over the vehicle to welcome you to Tanzania National Parks. Here are some national parks of Tanzania where cheetah can be easily spotted:

  • Serengeti National Park

Serengeti is the 2nd largest but the most famous Tanzania National Parks. Here cheetahs are easily seen as they are in large numbers. More than 300 cheetahs are living on the land of Serengeti. As it is the home to great migration so it helps them to easily get the food.

  • Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is the largest national park of Tanzania, as well as it is the home of predators. So big cats can be easily spotted in this national park. There are several hundred cheetahs that can be found in this destination. So, you can easily encounter one during Tanzania Safari.

  • Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is one of the most popular Tanzania National Parks for encountering large herds of the elephant and also you can see the unique tree-climbing lions. But you will be glad to know that this place is the best destination in Tanzania to spot cheetah.

  • Interesting Fun Facts About Cheetah

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Here at the end let’s discuss some of the interesting facts about cheetah to grab your attention:

  • Cheetahs Are The Lightest Among The Big Cat (28-65 Kg).
  • They Can Run Up To A Speed Of 120 Km Per Hour.
  • The Claws Of The Cheetah Are Non-Retractable So Which Makes Them The Fastest Runner.
  • These Big Cats Loves To Eat Small And Big Antelopes.
  • Cheetahs Live Behind The Bushes Under The Trees.
  • Cheetahs Never Roar, Though They Purr And Meow Like Cats.
  • Group Of Cheetahs Are Called As Coalitions.
  • Cheetahs Are One Of The Friendly Animals To Human Beings.

So, after a long discussion, we conclude that Tanzania Safari is the best way to encounter Cheetah lively. There are thousands of cheetahs that can be seen in Tanzania National Parks. Also, you can experience them welcoming you to their home which proves that they are a graceful big cat.

But to view Cheetah from a closer distance you need to book with an experienced guide. Best Northern Safari is having several experienced guides working with us. They will help you to full the wish of meeting with the cheetah. You can join us from here @ to have a better experience of Tanzania Safari.

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