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Explore The Little Jewel Of Tanzania In A Short Tanzania Safari Excursion

  • November 1, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Arusha National Park

The green jewel of the East African region is Arusha National Park. Various topological ecosystems can be seen in Arusha. This national park is home to the 5th highest mountain of Africa “Mount Meru”. The total height of this mountain is 4,566 meters and called a prominent volcano because of its cone shape. Arusha is one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania, covering a total area of 552 sq. km. The maximum area of this park is covered with a greenfield, so you can encounter lesser predators in it. Arusha is involved in Tanzania Safari Tours package so you can easily encounter its beauty.


If you want to encounter the best botanical garden in the Tanzania region then Arusha will be a better choice. Not only Mount Meru, but Arusha is also having one of the beautiful crater “Ngurdoto Crater” in its southeast region. It is also having one of the Alkaline Lake of Africa “Mamella”. Here you can encounter numerous herbivores like the giraffes, buffalos, zebras, hippos, and elephants. Arusha is also home to some of the primates like the blue monkey, and black-white colobus monkey. They are rarely seen anywhere else in Tanzania.

1. Getting Around Arusha

Arusha National Park

Arusha is the starting location of northern safari, as well as the destination where you will rest before starting your journey. But the difference between the Arusha region and Arusha National Park is only 45 minutes. So you can easily travel there using minibus transport services in Tanzania. There are also some other ways to reach this park-like fly directly from Kilimanjaro International Airport (46 km and takes only 10 minutes) and Julius Nyerere Airport (DAR). It’s also possible to reach Arusha using the Taxi service of Tanzania Destinations.

2. Downtown Arusha Sightseeing

Arusha National Park

Probably the maximum of the travelers knows Arusha as a stoppage before visiting the popular northern Tanzania National Parks. Beyond the national park, various other sightings can engage your time. There are many places in this region like Arusha town, village, and market. So you can rent a bike to move around the area to view the Ngorongoro Area, Tanzanite Mines (You can buy Tanzanite ornaments at an affordable price), declaration museum, cultural heritage center, natural history museum, and Massai women fair trade center.

3. Attractions Of Arusha National Park

Arusha is a small national park in Tanzania with the topological ecosystem. Beyond this, it is also having many attractive places that you can view during Tanzania Safari. Here we have briefed about 3 of them:

  • Outstanding Wildlife Diversity

Arusha National Park

This national park is having a diverse atmosphere, so here you can find a higher diversity of wildlife. Arusha is home to the largest population of giraffe as well as you can find some other wildlife like the Cape buffalo, elephants, waterbucks, and some primate species. Occasionally you can also spot the predators like leopards and lions during Tanzania Safari Tours.

  • Climb Africa’s Fifth Highest Mountain

Arusha National Park

Mount Meru is the 5th highest mountain of Africa as well as the 2nd highest mountain of Tanzania with a height of 4,566 meters. This highest point of Meru is known as the Socialist peak. This mountain is the backbone of Arusha to withstand and defend it in every situation. In your Tanzania Safari, you can try to trek on Mount Meru.

  • Track Amazing Bird Species

Arusha National Park

Arusha is the home to nearly 450 species of migratory birds. Some of the most famous species of birds in the Arusha region are pochards, grebes, woodpeckers, herons, eagles, red shark, and grey parrot. Because of alkaline lake Mamella and dense tropical forest, this place is the favorite place of birds. Arusha is a heaven for bird lovers around the globe.

4. Taste the Local Foods

Arusha National Park

So after having the Tanzania Safari Tours, you may feel tired and hungry, isn’t it? Yes!!! Then here you can taste the mouth-watering local foods from the hotels, and restaurants. The best place to find a good and cheap restaurant is near the clock tower area of the Arusha region. Here you can also taste some yummy treats and special home coffee of Tanzania.

5. Souvenir Shopping In Arusha

Arusha National Park

Now finally on the last day of your Tanzania Safari, so if you want to buy some beautiful items for your family then do some shopping from the local Massai market. One important thing you can bargain while purchasing a thing. The best thing that you can buy from this market is Tanzanite jewelry and Tinga-Tinga art.


Arusha can be compared equally with precious jewel Tanzanite. Because either you move around the region or roam inside it, this place will amaze you every time. Arusha is the prime destination of Northern Circuit Tanzania so you don’t have to pay extra to wander into this area. As well as it is having lots of local and supermarkets in case you can purchase cool gifts for your loved ones.


You can book your Tanzania Safari Tours from your local safari operator, but this can affect your budget. As you were not aware of the prices. After thinking a lot we The Best Northern Safari had designed a tailor-made page, where you can create your own Tanzania Safari Packages according to your budget. Also, if you have any doubt then you can contact our customer service @ +255 755 569833, they are available to help you 24X7.

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