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Delectable, Exotic And Appetizing- A Foodie Guide For Tanzania Safari Enthusiast

  • October 16, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Tanzania Safari


Tanzania is one of the vast destinations existing on the African continent known for its everlasting game experiences, natural wilderness, active wildlife as well as mouth watering food recipes.

Tasting the Tanzanian food items during the wildlife tour will add additional spice to your safari experience in the wild as the cuisines are fused with numerous other cultures.     

Now when Tanzania Safari Tours is all about exploring new places, adventures, witnessing rare species and a world covered with amazing ecosystem & natural life then just try to anticipate what local culinary dishes of Tanzania will have in store for you during the entire trip:-           

Here are some of the food types that you can select during your camping safari:-  


Your breakfast in the morning will include dishes that start from omelets and a good variety of salads. Amidst that, you can also have continental breakfast such as toast, hot dogs, and pastries along with charcuterie, cold meat, tea & coffee. Apart from that, you can also order for cereals, fruits, bread, boiled eggs, and cheese.    

Tanzania Safari


Now when it comes to Tanzania Food ignoring or forgetting about lunch is going to be a big mistake when you are on a safari camp. In some special cases or instances, customers can return with our guides or drivers to the camps for a healthy meal before going on a game drive. For people who are very fond of lunch, food is generally composed of sandwiches and fruits.                

Tanzania Safari

High Tea

In case, if you have programs like embarking on a late afternoon game drive then you are welcome to have a cup of tea with afternoon snacks that can do your bidding. Besides that, you can also get along with freshly roasted peanuts, cashews, cakes, sandwiches, and biscuits.  

Tanzania Safari 


Moreover, on your last game drive of the day, you can appreciate having some alcoholic beverages with snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, and savories as you watch the sunset over the wildlife is ridden fields with your friends, family members or with your special loved one.    


Your Tanzania Safari Tours are not going to get completed without having supper or dinner as Americans & Europeans like to call it differently during a safari. Either, it is arranged at a camp or a lodge, dinner is naturally served in three courses such as soups, the main course & the pudding but with your request, it can be extended to meat, fish, pasta dishes presented with arranged vegetables & sauces.                


When it comes to drinks, it can start from plain filtered water to coffee or tea that can also go further to wine & beer on request.     

Hats Off To The Camp Chefs

You must be grateful to your camp chef at all times for the food he prepares & provides during your time at camp safari. In dense jungles such as Serengeti or Ngorongoro where the resources are nil and even the nearest city is miles away, the camp chef is the man who manages to bring in all the required food stuff such as quality-oriented vegetables, cooking materials, and other items in advance for making a world-class & hygienic food for the visitors of the safari camp. He is also very good at safeguarding the fresh supplies from the straying wild animals while cooking food in an open camp safari. In order to pay respect for his services you can help him in making meals or just offer him a good tip that will make his day.           

Ask & You Shall Receive

Tanzania Safari

You have to be quite wiser while choosing lodges, hotels, and camps. You can also ask with your tour operator such as Best Northern Safaris regarding your meal requirements. So, here are some of the crucial tips on how to plan a safari in case you have some special diet preferences related to your health condition.

Communicate Your Requirements With Your Tour Operator

Things can get out of control & can get out of hand when it comes to ordering food for your kids & other members of your family. Seriously, none of them will be prepared to go for the set meals and hence it will be better for you to make a list of all the special food requirements in advance and then communicate with the Best Northern Safaris in advance so that when you arrive in the camp or hotel, the meals according to your requirements will be prepared & served to you and other members of your family as desired by you .

Book With Accommodations That Don’t Have Any Set Meals

When it is about bringing your whole family on the safari trip, you cannot simply depend on the set meals of a luxury camp, lodge or hotel. In such a scenario, it will better for you to search for the accommodation types that are capable offering all those kind of meals that can fulfil different requirements of your family and finally making your tour a grand success.             

Thus the above mentioned discussion regarding the local cuisines during the Tanzania Safari Tours might have been helpful to you. It is also one of the best ways to socialize with the locals by having your way through the local delicacies and know more about their day to day lives. By visiting Tanzania, you can solve numerous mysteries on your own by meeting the wild for real and the best part is that you will find lots of unexpected things in Tanzania and get more than what you have bargained for the tour. To know more, please visit us @

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