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Consider These 8 Facts Before Taking Your Children On Tanzania Safari

  • October 18, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
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Tanzania is one of the greatest wildlife destinations on earth which offers both the combination of wildlife and spectacular natural beauty makes a Tanzania Family Safari a winner with all age groups, including grandparents.


Taking kids to Tanzania Safari is not only exciting but also very essential due to various reasons such as it is the best way to make your kids understand& relate to the sensitivities towards nature and wildlife.


Through this safari tour, it is necessary for every parent to impart his or her kids with true knowledge about the jungle and the animals. Your children will also learn how things really work inside the forest and also learn some basic survival skills in the jungle, Hence, please look out for these 8 facts given below before plan your safari vacation with your kids.


1) Many Lodges And Camps Have Age Restrictions


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  • Hence it will be better for you as a parent to include only those places in your plan for Tanzania Safari Tours where there are no such restrictions for your children.

2) Many Lodges And Camps Are Unfenced


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


  • Inside numerous parks & safari reserves in Tanzania, many lodges & camps are completely unfenced so it will be good for you to prefer camps& lodges that are fenced or guarded by the security staff of that property.


  • In case, you don’t get a fenced camp or lodge to stay with your kids while on your Tanzania Tours And Safaris then in such a time ensure carefully supervise your playful children with a constant presence of an adult that should be either a parent or guide.


  • Furthermore, don’t allow your child to walk alone around the camp even for short distances and exercise extreme vigilance in the evenings.


3) Know The Malaria Zones & Travel With Proper Protections


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


  • In most parts of Africa including the countries like Tanzania, it is a possibility that you & your family might face threats like Malaria, sleeping sickness and dysentery so it is better to stay immune by getting inoculated with the vaccines that are capable of fighting these diseases.


  • Additionally, make your kids aware of all the do’s & don’ts regarding the malaria infection so that they can stay safe during the tour.


  • Make them wear full sleeve clothes in order to protect them from mosquito bites and as added protection apply the mosquito repellent cream on your kids.


4) Traveling On Small Planes


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


  • The best part of your Tanzania Luxury Safari starts when you start traveling with your kids on small planes. Such a thing is completely new & exhilarating feature.


  • Traveling through planes is also a safer way to keep your kids away from imminent threats that they might face during a ground safari trip.


  • For your kids, flying above the park is going to be an add-on adventure to the safari trip. But it will be better to avoid planes that are unpressurized & cramped.


5) Travel With Private Game-Drive Vehicles


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


  • The greatest advantage of using private game drive vehicles is that you can bring your, kids, back to the camp whenever you think that they have started getting bored.


  • Make sure to stop your kids from making noise especially when ferocious wild animals like lion or leopard are nearby.


  • Also, keep away your children from taking hands out of the windows even for taking pictures.


6) Be Safe On Dust, Heat, Restrooms And Bumpy Roads


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


  • While traveling with your kids on Tanzania Safari try to prevent your kids from getting dust that might irritate them throughout the trip.


  • Secure your kids by covering their heads & eyes with caps & hats as well as glasses that can protect you from sunglasses.


  • Before taking your kids to game drives make sure to take them to washrooms or using restrooms.


7) Indulge Your Kids With Various Activities


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


If taking your kids to game drives is not possible because of age restrictions or any other issues then you can do the following:-


  • Some of the camps in Tanzania are known for organizing kids club. You can engage your kids in such clubs where the park or staff from your tour operators will take care of your kids.


  • If it seems that your babies are not old enough to accompany you for any activity or at least seat side by your side in the game drive then you can appoint a babysitter for them at an additional surcharge.


  • While booking your tour, try to get a children-friendly guide who can indulge your kids in activities such as tracking footprints of animals, collecting bugs and baking cookies in the camp while the parents are away for game drives.


8) Make The Safari Schedule As Per Babies Requirement


Tanzania Tours And Safaris


  • When it comes to safari you might like to go for game drives early in the morning but when babies & toddlers are involved you have to reschedule your safari activities such as game drives.


  • Design a safari schedule when your kids or toddlers can actively get involved with you on safari trips.


  • It will be better to have some Tanzania Travel Advice from responsible tour operators such as Best Northern Tours & Safaris in case kids are traveling with you.


Bringing kids on your tour of Tanzania Safari is a brilliant idea. But to make them comfortable during the entire course of the trip, you have to plan well in advance for everything regarding your children. Throughout the safari, you can also guide your children to stay focused during the safari tour relentlessly.


We Best Northern Safaris is one of the best safari tour operators of the African Continent. With us, you can explore Tanzania with ease, and brief. All the members of our team are truly dedicated to their work so you will not be facing any problem during the journey.


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