6 Surprising Activities to Enjoy On Tanzania Camping Safari Tours

6 Surprising Activities to Enjoy On Tanzania Camping Safari Tours

  • September 18, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
Tanzania Budget Camping Safari

“Cold air…dark night…warm fire…& bright star… what can be more beautiful than this”

Have you ever imagined a day in your life that you spend in the most gorgeous corner of the planet? Watching the wildlife and nature all through the day and resting in the night under the starry sky? Well, how about a Tanzania Camping Safari; which can let you live a few enchanting extra moments of your life. 

Tanzania is a country that is one of the highlighted places on earth for safari as the country is sealed with natural wonder and 16 stunning national parks and conservation areas. Each year there are millions of visitors coming to enjoy Tanzania Safari and that has been the prime capital source for the money. So tourism is rapidly improving, there are many concepts developed now. In comparison to earlier safaris now the accommodations are more comfortable, luxurious, and comfortable. However, most tourists are looking for suitable camping Safari options for 2 reasons;


  1.      Affordability(camping safari is more affordable and easy on the pocket)
  2.       Authentic Feel( it Takes you to the closest to nature


If you are planning your Tanzania Budget Camping Safari soon, here are few pro tips of activities to explore.


Witness the Wildlife On Open Savannah


Wildlife on Open Savannah in Tanzania Camping Safari

Until one has loved animal a part of that person’s soul remains un-awakened and African savannah is the one place that will make you fall in love with an animal as it is home to much spectacular wildlife. The open rolling savannahs are the mysterious world of Tanzania which can let you meet something surprising in every next moment you travel through it. A trip to the never-ending plains of Serengeti is the perfect place to catch a sighting of many deadliest cat lion, cheetah, and more.  


Enjoy the Big Five


Big Five in Tanzania Camping Safari

The Big Five are the iconic attraction for the travelers coming for Tanzania Safari, and mainly the travelers focus those national parks that have the most members of Big Five. The Big Five of Africa was named by the game hunters, those animals that used to be most difficult to hunt was named so. The Big Five of Africa includes the African elephant, Black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, African lion, African leopard. These elusive members are spottable in Serengeti National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park of Tanzania.


Morning Carter Drive


ngorongoro conservation area

Taking an early morning drive to the stunning Ngorongoro Crater can be one of the best things as it will take you to the 8th world wonder “Ngorongoro Conservation Area”. The carter area is one of the highest visited places of the country having the stunning natural caldera. The beauty of the place and the abundance of wildlife make the place drive many tourists which includes big names like the queen of Denmark, Barak Obama, Prince Charles and more.


Safari Game Drive


Safari Game Drive in Tanzania Camping Safari

A safari is all about game drive; which exactly consists of 2 words, game and drive. The game that refers to the forest animals or wildlife combined with the drive and Tanzania Safari is all about driving and watching wildlife. As Tanzania National Parks are sealed with many deadliest hunters walking is strictly prohibited, so 4X4 safari vehicles are the best options to watch wildlife however off-road driving is also charged with a high amount of fine.


Incredible Wildlife Photography


Wildlife Photography in Tanzania Camping safari

Even if you are not a professional photographer, it’s guaranteed that you will capture some iconic and stunning moments in the wild of Tanzania. While planning for Tanzania Safari Tours, always pack a good camera. A camera is not only for the photography pros but also for the stunning view of the country and the abundant wildlife attracts many aspiring wildlife and nature photographers to visit the country to capture some of the stunning moments with the wildlife. The photographs are not only for the photographers rather it is altogether a way to bind some life-time experiences in a frame.


Cultural Walk to Learn About Village Life


Cultural Walk in Tanzania Camping Safari

If you are going on a Tanzania Safari, your trip won’t be completed without taking a cultural tour inside the country. Cultural Tourism has become one of the highlighted parts of Tanzania Safari and most of the tourists are reserving at least one day to visit and learn about the age-old tribes that are residing in the country. Take a tour to the Masai village to meet the Masai tribes, learn their lifestyle, the age-old traditions that are still followed by the tribal, and how to live co-operating with nature.

Apart from these activities, Tanzania Budget Camping Safari is much more. Imagine just sitting beside a camp-fire, reading your favourite book or enjoying a hot delicious dinner under the starry night. Experience one of the best authentic Tanzania Camping Safaris with us @ bestnorthernsafaris.com

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