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10 Things To Attract Every Traveller to Book Beach Holiday Trip in Zanzibar

  • September 4, 2019
  • By Best Northern Safaris
10 things to Attract Every Traveller to Book Beach Holiday Trip in Zanzibar

Holidays are awesome and Zanzibar beach holidays are considered as the best holidays to enjoy; the sea breeze blowing on your face, the sound of seagulls flocking in the distance, and the sunny beaches make a holiday complete. Beach holiday is purposeful to soothe your soul and it has its healing power. A beach holiday is particularly designed to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

When thinking of a beach Holiday; Zanzibar’s picture flashes in mind of the beach lovers. The pristine island has to offer some of the world’s tiny, secular, and fascinating beaches to spend some best moments of your life. Zanzibar Beach Holidays are not made only for couples/honeymooners but also it’s the best choice for family vacation trips as well as safest for solo travelers too.  

Still wondering why people prefer Zanzibar Tours? Here are 10 spectacular reasons why people love Zanzibar.


Chill on the White Sand Beaches

White Sand Beaches in Zanzibar

Happiness is – Toes in the powdery white Sand;

Are you looking for the softest and whitest sandy beaches that exist in the world? Then you must embark on Zanzibar beaches. The beach has exotic, white 2km of lovely sand and crystal clear waters. The clean, white sand of the tiny beaches of Zanzibar Archaeology makes Zanzibar Beach Holidays the show-stopper of all the beach holiday gate-way. These white-heaven beaches make it a perfect choice to plan a beach vacation.


Stroll on the Historical Places of Stone Town

Stone Town Zanzibar

Not only have the beaches that make Zanzibar Beach Holidays the perfect vacation spot but many additions to it contributed equal essence to make Zanzibar unique. Stone Town is one of the prime highlights of Zanzibar. This UNESCO world heritage site is one of the oldest cities of the African Continent and offers Zanzibar’s history, architecture, and culture. Stone Town Doors showcase:

Top things to explore in Zanzibar:

  • Forodhani Gardens
  • The Arab Fort
  • Darajani Bazaar
  • The Old Dispensary
  • Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church
  • Hamamni Persian Baths
  • Malindi Mosque
  • Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral


Have Fun of Snorkelling & Diving


Snorkelling & Diving in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar’s turquoise blue water is surrounded by stunning coral reefs hidden inside the pristine Indian Ocean water. This magical island perfectly combines the exhilarating adventurous sea-adventure and peaceful relaxation on the breezy-beaches. If you are someone who loves adventures, then you can dive into the heart of the Indian Ocean to explore some of the colorful marine-life that glides over the coral reefs. For the diving lovers, the Zanzibar is a great diving destination throughout the year because of the water temperature remains 27 degrees Celsius and visibility between 20 and 60 meters.  

Where you can encounter Diving:

  • Leven Bank
  • Nankivell and Hunga Reef 
  • Boribu Reef
  • Kendwa Reef
  • Renco Bommi
  • Shane’s Reef
  • Chakatuni
  • Coral Garden
  • Mbwangawa

Where you can encounter Snorkelling:

  • Mnemba Atoll
  • Tumbatu Island
  • Kendwa Reef
  • Chumbe Island
  • Stone Town Reef
  • Prison Island


Meet the Giant Turtles in Prison Island


Giant Turtles in Prison Island

Prison Island is one of the iconic surprising places you will encounter during your Zanzibar Beach Holidays; a small island about 5.6 km from Stone Town. Venture out to Prison Island that is home to around one hundred giant, rare tortoises. The island has many names, Changuu Island is the official name, but it’s also known as Quarantine Island and Kibandiko Island. However, Prison Island is the most common name used. You can approach these huge turtles and can take an exciting experience of pet them, and even feed them.

Interesting facts about the giant turtles:

  • The Aldabra tortoise can weigh as much as 550 lbs
  • The carapace is usually up to 48 inches in length
  • They usually eat grasses, leaves and plant stems
  • They have a lifespan of between 65 and 95 years


An Aromatic Spice Tour


Spice Tour Zanzibar

What can be a better way to spend at least a full day exploring the exotic spices on the spice island itself? Yes, Zanzibar was the hub of spice, years back the island used to be the prime spot from where spices used to get exported to many other countries of the world. It’s still one of the leading clove, nutmeg and cinnamon producer of the world. The spices and herbs were introduced by the Portuguese traders in the 16th Century and from then it’s one of the iconic place of the world harvesting these aromatic herbs that adds delicacy to your food.

What to bring on a spice tour:

  • Both mosquito repellent and sunscreen
  • Packed water bottles
  • Small denominations of Tanzanian shillings for tipping and buying some spices too


It is a Great Honeymoon Destination for Couples


Honeymoon Destination in Zanzibar

Zanzibar offers enormous reasons to get chosen as a honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. Enter the world of color, soak into the sunshine on the pristine beaches, capture some stunning pictures, sail with your partner on the calm water, and more on your honeymoon break. The spectacular sunrise and sunset make it a perfect place to sip your cocktail while keeping your feet wet in blue water.


Taste the Authentic Sea Food of Africa


Sea Food of Africa

Not only the tranquil beaches, blue water, giant turtles, or the cultural stone town; but also the seafood adds more spices to make it the top beach destination of the African continent. This fascinating place has to offer some of the delicious and fresh seafood. There are various top-rated restaurants and street shops that offer sea-food. You can choose where you want to have a bite of fresh fish or crab, or maybe some big lobsters.

Few must taste sea-food in Zanzibar:

  • Zanzibar fish curry
  • Zanzibar Fish Stew
  • Fish Coconut Curry
  • Grilled Yellowfin Tuna
  • Samaki wa Kupaka
  • Octopus salad
  • squid and queen prawns


Visit Zanzibar Coffee House


Zanzibar Coffee House

Not only the aroma of spices will blow your mind, but also the aromatic strong coffee available in the coffee houses of Zanzibar make your Zanzibar Tours warmest one. There are various coffee houses spotted in perfect places in Zanzibar that offer great views while sipping some of the finest coffee made cultivated in the island itself.


Spot Rare Zanzibar Animals at Jozani Forest


Zanzibar Animals at Jozani Forest

Do you think Zanzibar only offers beaches, water, seafood, and cultural tours? Then you are wrong, the place offers a decent variety of animals that you can meet at Jozani forests. Officially called Jozani Chwaka Bay National Forest, this is the only National Park that offers an unusual collection of wildlife and plants.

Animals you can expect to meet:

  • Pinned Butterflies in Glass Displays 
  • Ocean and Sea Turtles
  • Colobus Monkeys
  • Tree Hyrax
  • Zanzibar Leopards


Witness the Incredible Sunset


Incredible Sunset at Zanzibar

It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset at the beach and not dream.

What a better way to complete a day in Zanzibar than witnessing the golden sunset on the beach that gives a feeling as if the sun is going down in the sea to rest. There are many spots where you can watch the magnificent sunset; there are many sundowners and coffee houses/bars that offer a nice sunset view. You can spot it in Kendwa, Nungwi and Stone Town.

Not only the sunsets, beaches, spices, or sea-food; there are countless attractions Zanzibar Beach Holidays will allow you to encounter. If you are planning a trip to this dreamland, we would recommend getting prepare well and to hire a travel organizer who will make your journey more enjoyable. Experiencing your Best Zanzibar Beach Holidays is not a big deal now, just drop us a mail @ info@bestnorthernsafaris.com and enjoy a world-class beach holiday.

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