Ol Doinyo Lengai Trekking (Best Guide On Active Volcanic Mountain)

Mountain Lenkai (regularly known as “Ol’doinyoLengai”) ascends around 2,100 meters over the East African Rift Valley floor to a height of roughly 2,880 m. The name Ol’doinyoLenkai which signifies “Mountain of God” starts from the Maa language (the Maasai’s language) from the Ngorongoro region. The Maasai individuals conduct prayer to God “Enkai” or “Engai” whom the Maasai believes is the Creator of everything on this active volcanic mountain.

Numerous voyagers visit and climb this mountain which is situated in Northern Tanzania consistently. One ought not to underestimate this 9,442 feet high mountain, as it needs much determination to ascend in light of the steep walking. Be that as it may, Climbing Ol’doinyoLenkai doesn’t require specialized skills to get to the peak. At the summit, the small cones formed by magma can be seen on the crater edge.

Ol’doinyoLenkai is the only active volcanic mountain in the East African Rift Valley Region which pulls in numerous geologists from all over the world who come for research. Scientifically, carbonated lava is dark brown colored upon expulsion, but reacts very rapidly and transforms into moisture to hydrate, at that point to optional adjustment minerals that bestow a white shading to the rock. The Maasai accepts that the “white rock” symbolizes the white beards of “Enkai”.


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